Combo Pack Vacuum Storage Bags with Roll-Up Travel Bags

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Enjoy our classic premium vacuum storage bags with valves and 4 packs of our super easy-to-use roll-up 24"x16" travel bags. Perfect for long and short-term storage. Vacuum storage bags reduce your bulky items by up to 300% and compatible with any standard vacuum tube attachment. The 4 Packs Travel Bag requires no vacuum! Simply roll out the air. Super convenient for reducing travel case sizes and storing dirty laundry while traveling. Both are great for keeping out dirt, moisture, and bacteria to keep your items fresh until you need them!

  • Come with instruction and packaging detail and size for each vacuum bag.
  • Medium size (28"X20") - 10 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags + 4 Travel Bags
  • Large size (35"X28") - 9 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags + 4 Travel Bags
  • Extra Large (47"X31") - 6 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags + 4 Travel Bags
  • Jumbo size (51"X39") - 6 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags + 4 Travel Bags
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