About Us

QQbed is your premier home decor and organization marketplace! Whether you are looking to keep your home tidy or to fashionably decorate your patio, QQbed is a great place to start!

Located in California, our small business started with the goal of selling durable and quality patio cushions that we just did not see in the marketplace at the time. We were tired of constantly replacing covers or throwing away weather-beaten cushions, so we decided to step in and take matters in our own hands.

We are currently expanding our product line and have just started selling premium large size vacuum bags with many more helpful home good products to come!  

You can check us out and other products we sell at www.amazon.com/shops/ qqbed

If you have any questions regarding our products or need friendly customer service, please email us at qqbed@yahoo.com

Thank you for supporting our small family owned business!