24 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags

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Each pack comes with 24 vacuum bags of the size you choose! Reduce your bulky items by up to 300% with these space-saving vacuum storage bags! Compatible with any standard vacuum tube attachment. Great for keeping out dirt, moisture, and bacteria to keep your items fresh until you need them!

  • Come with instruction and packaging detail and size for each vacuum bag.
  • Medium size measure (28"X20" or 70cm X 50cm) - 24 Pack Quantity
  • Large size measure (35"X28" or 90cm X 70cm) - 24 Pack Quantity
  • Extra Large measure (47"X31" or 120cm X 80cm) - 24 Pack Quantity
  • Jumbo size measure (51"X39" or 130cm X 100cm) - 24 Pack Quantity
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